Policy Information:

All my students learn music notation and it is my responsibility to present in a clear and concise manner all the information acquired on each lesson. Lessons are offered weekly in half-hour sessions privately or in-group. I will always be on time, ready and prepared to teach. If for some unforeseen circumstance I am not able to attend lessons I will contact you and make arrangements to reschedule that lesson for a different day or time.

Student’s agreement and responsibilities:

Materials: Most of the material students can purchase directly from the studio. Students are responsible for the purchase of their own instrument and other materials needed for their lessons. I will provide suggestions as to where these items can be purchased and what is required.

Applying what you learn: Those who play their music instruments regularly and are well prepared for lessons, will make progress more rapidly. Short but consistence sessions are much more effective than long sporadic sessions. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s music journey by taking the time to listen to the music pieces assigned each week. 

Payment: Students are NOT paying for individual lessons, but rather a flat $85.00 a month for private studies or $60.00 for group lessons, If a month has 5 weeks there is no extra charge for the additional lesson the student will get. (Within a year there will be an average of 4 to 5 extra lessons). 

Guarantee: Once the student signs up for lessons, the monthly fee will remain the same for as long as the student takes lessons.

Attendance: Students are responsible for their time slot. If a student is late, additional time beyond the 30-minute lesson cannot be added. As common courtesy, students are asked to contact their teacher in advance if they will not be able to attend a lesson.

N O T E: As a result of a full schedule and because students are not paying for individual weekly sessions, I am unable to reschedule or make up lessons that the student fails to attend. This attendance policy allows me to keep my fees as low as possible and enables me to keep providing a professional teaching service in a friendly environment. 

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