Music Tree Studio is an independent private studio run by Javier Anaya located in Sacramento, CA. 
It is undeniable that Music makes an individual happier and assists in intellectual growth and whether you simply want to play recreationally, or intend to pursue a career in music; at Music Tree Studio we would be more that glad to help you start in your new adventure.
Music Tree Studio offers private studies of the pianoforte and cello to children and adults of all ages. Under Javier's teachings, students experience music as a creative art, therefore, composition is one of the disciplines taught. Students also learn: Music notation, scales, chord progression, rhythm, transposition, ensembles, circle of fifths.

Private Lessons

Once a week for 30 min.

Beginners and Intermediate levels

Classical and Pop styles

Recital Performance once a year

Group Lessons

Once a week for 30 min.

3-4 Students of matching age

Classical and Pop styles

Recital performance once a year are encourage.

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