About me

My name is Javier and I am originally from Guanajuato, Mexico. In my last year of high school, I decided to take private piano lessons with a local teacher and it was during this time period that I was introduced to classical pieces by Beethoven and Mozart. I also took music notation and I tried a hand at composing, discovering a new way to communicate in terms of music. 

After moving to the USA, I resumed my music education, learning new concepts in classical, blues and pop styles, as well as chord progressions and accompaniment pieces. After completing a year-long teacher training program with Neil Moore the founder of Simply Music International Institute, I started to teach piano from my home studio in the Sacramento Pocket Area.

During this time, I took upon myself two more years of intense composition study, experimenting with some of the secrets of this art, which now has become one of my passions. I have written the books Do Re Mi Series for beginner to intermediate levels that I now use for teaching along with the music theory included in the same Books.

In the year of 2008 I had the fortune to take private cello lessons at The Pease Conservatory of Music with Cellist Michael Lawson. By 2014 I joined a local community string orchestra, founded and directed by Krystyna Taylor, I have played with this incredible group of musicians for three seasons.

Later on I enrolled in a music program at the Music Conservatory of San Francisco, where I expanded my knowledge base on technique and music ensembles. The year of 2015 was a very special and very busy year, because I joined forces with the Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory to teach group lessons at Roy Herburger Elementary School in the city of Elk Grove.

For twelve years, I have been teaching successfully from my home studio, teaching students of all ages and with different music backgrounds, I am constantly improving my music studio and participate on ongoing training to ensure a better music experience for all my students.

I have been teaching for 12 years at my Home-Music Studio in the Greenhaven/Pocket area
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